Presentation of the female basketball team BDU-TsMOKI

September 3, 2019 19:58

The presentation of the BSU-Tsmoki youth team by the wife took place on the evening of September 3 in the sports complex of the Tsmoki-Minsk basketball club, the Minsk-News agency correspondent reports. The Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Sergey Kovalchuk expressed the hope that this step will contribute to the promotion of student basketball in the country. “The head of state in 2014 gave an order to actively develop student sports,” S. Kovalchuk noted. - Now we have come to this. We believe that work in this direction will improve our position in European and world basketball, and strong players will grow in such teams. Of course, you should not expect lightning-fast results from the team, but they will come over time.

After the ceremony, the girls were presented with branded sets of game uniforms and balls. After that, the team was divided into “blue”, “white” and had a friendly match. The whites were stronger - 16:14.

We add that the BSU-Tsmoki team will perform in the upcoming national championship draw. The team will be led by Elena Ivanovskaya.